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June 7, 2016  //  Bucharest, ROMANIA

A JavaScript conference for Romania and Eastern-Europe.

Speakers Listen. Learn. Get inspired.

James Halliday
James Halliday
Creator of Browserify
Mathias Bynens
Mathias Bynens
Opera Software
Jack Franklin
Jack Franklin
Sebastian Golasch
Sebastian Golasch
Deutsche Telekom
Adrian Gheorghe
Adrian Gheorghe
Full Stack Developer
Forbes Lidesay
Forbes Lindesay
Tim Ruffles
Tim Ruffles
Google Developer Expert for AngularJS
To Be Announced

Workshops Full-day workshops to improve your JavaScript skills.

James Hallliday

Node.js Streams

with James Halliday ( @substack )

Monday, June 6th, at Grand Marriot Hotel Bucharest.

Read more about the workshop »

Tim Ruffles

Building applications with Angular 2

with Tim Ruffles ( @timruffles )

Monday, June 6th, at Grand Marriot Hotel Bucharest.

Read more about the workshop »

Why Attend ? Great speakers. Networking. After party.

World Class Speakers

Respected, industry leaders providing experienced based, future-tech talks.

Provided lunch

JSCamp is fully catered. Food and drinks are provided for all attendees.


A great opportunity to network with your peers from the web industry.

After Party

Kick back with speakers and attendees after the conference with a refreshing lager or wine.

What will you learn about?

JSCamp Romania goal is to gather experts from across the field of front-end development, to bring you up to speed on the latest open-web technologies. Learn more about server-side JavaScript, client-side HTML5 web and mobile apps, and generally about best practices and tips&tricks in JavaScript and front-end development in general.

Who should attend?

JSCamp Romania is a conference organised for front-end developers and engineers, also for web designers and web entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the Most popular programming language of the web. During the four session / eight talks program, attendees will discover the latest trends in modern web and mobile front-end development, and meet their peers and great people from web industry.

* The conference will be conducted entirely in English.

Sponsors & Partners Helping us to make this event possible.


  • MobilPay.ro
  • Swapcard.com/en


  • dev.opera.com
  • webdigital.ro
  • printcenter.ro
  • lexonn.ro
  • dreamstime.com


  • Wall-street.ro
  • Anis.ro
  • Aries.ro
  • Zelist Monitor
  • RGDA
  • Agora.ro
  • Softlead.ro
  • Todaysoftmag.ro
  • ctrl-d.ro
  • ITChannel.ro
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